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Best Personal Massage service for V.I.P ladies in Sri Lanka
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Best Personal Massage service for V.I.P ladies in Sri Lanka
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Best Personal Massage service for V.I.P Ladies in Sri Lanka
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Best Personal Massage service for V.I.P ladies in Sri Lanka
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Mister Massage Lanka


Massage increases blood flowing, which helps everything from your muscles and arteries to your organs. The proper revolution will help to not only your memory stay sharp but also increase your brain’s strong. It even helps your skin to be healthy. Massage helps keep the aches and pains away in your day to day busy life. 

Today ladies are very busy than men. Men have some limited works to do in their busy life. But ladies have to do unlimited tasks in their busy life. 

In this busy life, ladies have not only body pains but also mental stress.

Mental stress directly affects their health and beauty too. 

Professional health and beauty benefits massages by Mister Massage Lanka will help to have a stress less life

Massage for Ladies Sri Lanka

Clients can negotiate with Mister Massage Lanka about their requirements, available time, and place before getting the service. Mister Massage Lanka male massage therapist offers the best massage services for ladies in Sri Lanka. Clients of Mister Massage Lanka can make contact directly with him and discuss what they need to fulfill. Mister Massage Lanka male therapist does not act as a play-boy character. He is a professional and experienced male massage therapist for ladies in Sri Lanka.

Why are we different?

Nowadays many people are used to doing this service without having proper knowledge and understanding of the art of body massages for ladies. Mister Massage Lanka knows what the female’s body needs and working hard to make that happen by doing personal massage in a very professional way. Also, Mister Massage Lanka has its website and Facebook page as www.mistermassagelanka.com and

 www.facebook.com/mistermassagelanka  as same as well Mister Massage Lanka protects your privacy. Most of the time clients of Mister Massage Lanka are VIP level ladies and couples.

Our Services

Body massage for ladies at home or hotel in Sri Lanka

Rejuvenate yourself with body massage by a very experienced and professional senior male therapist in the comfort of your home and hotel. We offer services are like head massage, hand massage, leg massage, breast massage, butt massage, and full body massage with releasing stress and body pains for ladies with 5 years + experience near you in Sri Lanka. 

Mister Massage Lanka male massage therapist provides friendly and cooperative level services for clients.

We will recreate the spa experience at home. It includes your privacy.


What are the benefits of a male to a female massage?

  •    Care – generally, a male takes care of the female more than the female takes care of the female. The same is applicable in the case of male to female massage as well.
  •    Wide range of pressure – When a male does the massage, you can ask for a wider range of pressure (mild to hard) based on your needs.
  •    High satisfaction – normally, the opposite gender attracts each other. Same way, you get more (mental) satisfaction when the opposite gender massages your body.




How to find real Mister Massage Lanka male therapist?

Some people publish some massaging advertisements as Mister Massage Lanka. But you can easily find Mister Massage Lanka from the Mister Massage Lanka website and contact number. So, please check the following things in the advertisements before calling Mister Massage Lanka massage therapist

1) Mister Massage Lanka logo

2) Mister Massage Lanka Website

3) Contact number

Our Packages

Oil Massage Sri Lanka

Oil massage with body and mind relaxation

Cream Massage Sri Lanka

Cream massage with body and mind relaxation

Shampoo Massage Sri Lanka

Shampoo massage with body and mind relaxation

Gel Maasage Sri Lanka

Gel massage with body and mind relaxation.


Why you need to get a massage from Mister Massage Lanka?

Mister Massage Lanka is a very professional and experienced male therapist who provides health benefits mind and body relaxation personal massage services for ladies in Sri Lanka. Mister Massage Lanka male therapist provides professional health massage services based on your requirements.

Since Mister Massage Lanak male therapist provides massaging services only for females, he has sound knowledge and experience about female body works.

If you visit the spa salon to get your message requirement done, they always try to quickly finish your job and get the next client as they need to provide services for all within a limited period. So, in the spa salon, you can`t expect perfect service to get your recruitment done. But in the massage services of Mister Massage Lanka, you can get the service slowly and effectively as you never experienced before.

Also before getting a massage service from Mister Massage Lanka you can negotiate your needs based on your health benefits.

What our customers say…

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I can say as ladies we should be very careful to have a massage service from an unknown male.
May males are used to provide massage services for ladies and they enjoy with us behind the service what they provide us.
In this case keep trust about Mr.Massage Lanka Male Massage Therapist. He is very good person who can

Mrs. Kamani Perera


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Mister Massage Lanka is a very good and massage therapist who provide personal body massaging services for ladies. I take his massage every other month. it is very cool. I recommend to have his services for other women.


Miss.Damayanthi Ranathunga



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