Massage your wife

Many husbands are used to providing a massage for their wives and see how they relax from it. Most of the couples are used to have these services from a male therapist by visiting home or hotel. in this case lot of husbands give this massage to their wives as a present. specially for her birthday, wedding anniversary, valentine’s day, or some other.
massage is very important to mind relaxation. also, watching the massage will relax our mind and feel cool. in this case, their dopamine hormone level will be increased faster and feel more love and cool towards wife to husband and husband to wife.
when we do the same thing for a long time period our minds will not happy with the things that we do. therefore we need to get some change to the thing what we do. to have some changing to mind people are used to do many things. Providing a message to wife and watch it also new changing to something to both husband and wife.
after having a massage both of their minds will refresh and get will have a cool mind to do their day to day work. Also, it directly affects their sexual life.
it happens from the brain. having some different experience will change your mind boring to something when you are used to doing for a long period. Mr.Massage Lanka knows professionally how to do this for you and make you feel better. Also, Mister Massage Lanka male massage therapist protects your privacy.

couple massage therapist

A quick overview of the massage options

  • The Watch & Enjoy Experience – Male partner watches the massage as it is given to the female partner by Mr.Massage. This is a classic cuckold style massage done by Mr.Massage.
  • The Watch & Touch Experience – Male partner watches then joins in giving with Mr.Massage half way through.
  • The Give With Me Experience – Male partner gives the whole massage with Mr.Massage to his female partner. This is not a massage teaching section but more experiential.
  • Plan a Visit

    One condition for Mr.Massage to accept your booking is that Mr.Massage needs to know that both of you are fully supportive of the idea and in the agreement of the content. Mr.Massage never gives surprise treatments.

    Example motivations
    Here are some examples couples have given for taking the experience.

    • Male partner either waits in a comfortable waiting room nearby or departs after dropping of the female partner and returns at the end.
    • Male partner wants to watch his female partner is being massaged as seeing her receiving from another person pleasure gives him pleasure.
    • Female partner wants to explore sensual and erotic arousal but it is more comfortable with a Male partner to be with her.
    • Female partner wants to experience a different erotic dynamic than the one they have become used to.
    • Female partner likes to perform for male partner.
    • Sharing the experience makes her feel closer to her male partner.
    • The couple are thinking of opening up their relationship sexually and feel this is a good place to start as it’s professional and discreet.
    • They both want to try something new but with other one and enjoying the experience with them
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