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Couples' Massage Tanning Program

Welcome to Mr. Massage’s Couples’ Massage Tanning Program! Explore the art of sensual body healing and discover the joy of giving and receiving massages with your loved one. Our program is designed to guide you through the techniques and practices that will enhance your connection and create a memorable experience.

Why Couples' Massage?

Couples’ massage is not just a luxury; it’s a way to deepen your bond and intimacy. Learn the art of touch and create a relaxing atmosphere at home.

Benefits of Learning Couples' Massage

Enhance Connection

Strengthen your emotional and physical connection with your partner through the power of touch.

Reduce Stress

Enjoy a shared activity that promotes relaxation and reduces stress for both partners.

Improved Communication

Learn to communicate through touch, fostering a deeper understanding of each other’s needs.

Create Lasting Memories

Build lasting memories by sharing the experience of giving and receiving massages in the comfort of your own space.

What You Will Learn

Our Couples' Massage Tanning Program covers the following:
Massage Techniques:

Basic strokes and movements for a sensual massage.

Focus on areas that promote relaxation and stress relief.

Setting the Mood:

Creating a soothing ambiance with lighting, music, and aromatherapy.

Choosing the right massage oils for a pleasurable experience.

Communication and Connection:


Understanding your partner’s preferences and boundaries.

Practicing open communication during the massage.

How to Get Started:

Book a Session:

Schedule a private session with our experienced massage therapist for personalized guidance.

DIY Massage Kits:

Explore our curated DIY massage kits, complete with essential oils, candles, and step-by-step instructions.


Embark on a journey of relaxation, connection, and self-discovery with Mr. Massage’s Couples’ Massage Tanning Program. Whether you choose to learn from our experts or try it out at home with our DIY kits, the experience is bound to create lasting memories for you and your partner.

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