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Your Privacy, Our Commitment

Your Privacy, Our Commitment

Welcome to Mr. Massage , where relaxation and well-being meet the highest standards of privacy. We
understand that your trust is paramount, and we take your privacy seriously. Our privacy policy is
designed to put your mind at ease.


Respecting Your Privacy

We adhere to strict principles when it comes to your personal information:

No Collection of Personal Information: Your personal information is precious. We only collect it when you willingly provide it during the booking process or when you reach out to us with inquiries. We never gather personal information without your clear consent.


No Retention of Personal Information: We don’t hang on to your personal information for a second longer than necessary. Once it serves its purpose, we bid it farewell. That means we don’t store your contact details or any other personal information unless you provide it for booking purposes.


No Unsolicited Communications: Your peace of mind is our priority. You won’t find us making unexpected phone calls or sending unsolicited emails. We respect your communication preferences and will always respond when you initiate contact.

Our Trusted Reputation

At Mr. Massage, we’ve built a reputation you can rely on. It’s based on our unwavering commitment to respecting your privacy, ensuring a secure and confidential experience, and using your personal information solely for the purposes you intend.

Get in Touch

If you ever have questions or concerns about how we handle your information, please don’t hesitate to reach out: